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Comfort Zone Huge Banner Ad out on street

Design BreakDown:

Design Brief:

The goal of this ad campaign is to help people find their comfort zone. Reef Comfort Shoes give just that! The visuals help invoke the idea that true comfort can be achieved. The whole saying, “Discover your Comfort Zone” encourages the user to think about their most comfortable spot and that these shoes could give them the same feeling.


Comfort Zone Logo Designs
Comfort Zone Ad #1
Comfort Zone Ad #2
Airport Comfort Zone Shoe Installment
Comfort Zone Concert Tent

Reef Website

Comfort Zone Website #1

Branded Website:

From the QR code, I wanted to send people to the reef website that would have on the front page asking, “submit your best comfort photo to win a pair of Reef comfort shoes!”. This would not only allow the viewer to submit their photo, but to then be interested in sticking around the website to see anything else they enjoy.