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Hello Dalton,

Hi, my name is Jacob McKinney, and I am a senior at Flagler College majoring in graphic design with a minor in Advertising. From the things I design on a daily basis, I enjoy Ad campaigns, Branding, and Packaging Design. I think that the work that you guys do in each of these areas is impressive and I think that I could really learn and grow a lot from you if I were given the opportunity to work with you. For example, I really like the VyStar project that you did. The advertising design and branding that was pushed forward to make these amazing banners and commercials you guys did perfectly. Making sure the community gets involved with this project is perfect.

If given the opportunity to work with you, I think that I would be able to further gain knowledge of the design world and be able to show my collaborative skills. I think I could be a hardworking individual that would be highly motivated, and willing to learn.


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